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2) You'll receive a free 12 oz. bag of this month's featured bean: our delicious (and most popular offering to date) Stepping Stone. Savor and honor it. 

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4) The freshest small-batch coffees will come to you, as if by magic, every four weeks. You can change bag amount, delivery frequency, or cancel your coffee club membership at any time.
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  • Ships within 2 Hours of Roast for incredible freshness.
  • Sourced Direct and Fair Trade from award-winning, small batch farmers.
  • Organically grown, specialty grade beans for maximum health benefits.
  •  Roasted locally in San Diego, CA.
  •  24/7 Concierge Service with your order.
Because this is the specialty coffee your grinder was specifically built to enjoy.

We poured our hearts and souls into engineering a tool designed to unleash the richest flavors and aromas from coffee beans. 

And because of that...

We wanted world-class beans that paired perfectly with our grinder – so that we could guarantee the best tasting coffee every single time.

That’s why I confidently say our fresh roasted coffee is amongst the best you’ll ever drink

But don’t take my word for it! Instead, discover for yourself with a FREE 12oz bag. 

Simply click the button below and cover the $5 roasting fee to enjoy a bag of the world's best coffee.
Because we believe our coffee is the best product on the market, and we want more people to know about it.

It’s a big bold claim, but here’s why we say it confidently.

Top prices and direct trade relationships for our farmers 

With something as important as your coffee, you don’t want to make any compromises. And we believe it’s our responsibility to help you experience coffee the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed. 

Only well paid farmers can grow the quality of beans that brew extraordinary coffee. And after searching high and low for the planet’s best beans, we discovered award-winning, small-batch farmers we’re proud to shout about and showcase to you. The difference is in the cup. 

Attention to detail at the roast stage takes your experience to the next level 

The roast recipe can make or break an exceptional batch of beans. 

It’s why we travelled all across the USA to find the perfect roasting facilities. What happens in San Diego can only be described as magic. Our experts perfect the recipe for every batch before roasting on state-of-the-art equipment. The difference is in the detail and you’ll taste the extra mile we go for you.  
Fresh roasted whole bean coffee direct to your door  

Thanks to oxidation, coffee beans begin to deteriorate the moment they’re roasted. It’s a race against the clock to get the best of the bean into your cup! 

That’s why we deliver direct to you (it’s quicker) and ship out within TWO HOURS of roasting. This level of care makes JavaPresse coffee as fresh as possible. You’ll notice the difference in your coffee. 

Beans that make your coffee ritual extraordinary

We understand what your coffee means to you. We know you lean on your favorite cup of Joe and use it to pick you up, sharpen your focus, and feel good. 

So we say it’s time you got to enjoy the quality of coffee you deserve :) 

Organically grown, small-batch coffees that are hand-picked and roasted to bring you more joy and happiness on a daily basis. 

But don’t take my word for it! Instead, see for yourself with this FREE 12 Bag.
Every month, we source new organically grown, specialty coffee from small family producers.
Your coffee is roasted to perfection by our choice partners in San Diego.
We ship your coffee to your doorstep within hours of roast on a schedule you choose.
"So after my first delivery of coffee from my subscription I am beyond satisfied with the experience! The coffee is some of the freshest I have had, by far the freshest I’ve had Stateside! And the quality of the coffee is incredible!"
Samir B
"I got my first bag of coffee from JavaPresse and I absolutely love it. Fresh, delicious coffee and it was delivered right to my door step - couldn't have asked for any better. Love this coffee and highly recommend it!"
John T
"I don't know how you can't fall in love with this company. I just started the coffee subscription and received my first bag of freshly roasted beans. So Good. I'm planning on a long term relationship with JavaPresse :)"
Heather B
100% Money Back GUARANTEE!
At JavaPresse, we want to remove every barrier that could possibly get in the way of coffee you love.

Therefore, we have created a Simple, "No Brainer" customer happiness policy.
If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we will refund your money or send you something else from our collection you may love.

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